Business Plan

Know how to start your business and live a comfortable life with Asclecare Wellness’s Business Plan. This comprehensive business plan will teach how to grow in the direct selling industry and become an inspiring leader.

Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics is a legal document containing guidelines, policies, and rules framed by the company to help the associates work in a professional and ethical manner. Our Code of Ethics is the benchmark set by the company.

Social Media

Asclecare Wellness has a global presence and is able to reach the masses across borders with the help of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. Follow our official page on social media.

What is direct selling?

Direct selling is a platform where brands and small entrepreneur sell their goods and services to their costumer. There is a significant distinction between the direct selling channel and general retail. It’s not only about giving costumer fantastic goods and services. It’s also a way for Indians with an entrepreneurial spirit to work alone to launch a company with minimal overhead and start up expenditures.

How direct selling work?

The regional distribution centre and wholesaler, as well as other middlemen engaged in product distribution, are both eliminated by direct selling. Instead, goods are sent in this order: from the producer to the direct sales company, then to the distributor or salesperson, and ultimately to the customer. Finding a distributor or representative is the only way to purchase the goods or services supplied through direct sales because they are typically not available in regular retail outlets.

Types of direct selling

It consists two levels single level marketing and multi-level marketing.

Single level marketing It’s a term where a direct seller make money or profit by purchasing goods from a company and sell them to the clients and Multi-Level Marketing in this term a person can make his profit by both in which the direct seller may earn money from both direct sales to customers and by sponsoring new direct sellers and potentially earning a commission from their efforts. Along with online sales, modern direct selling also involves party plan sales, one-on-one demos, and other forms of human contact. Direct selling, according to some sources, is the "direct personal presentation, demonstration, and sale of items and services to consumers, typically at their homes or places of employment."

Tips for direct selling

  • You should focus on making good relation with the costumer instead of focusing on making profit always follow up with new prospects right away to create new connection.
  • The foundation of any direct selling company should be your network marketing methods. It's necessary to interact, establish mutually beneficial relations with, and learn about your colleagues' marketing approaches.
  • Salesperson who are assured of their capability to satisfy customers' wants and their products' reliability sell more.
  • You can develop everlasting relationship with clients and expand a prosperous business by using your conversational and listening skills.
  • A complete customer database enables network building and tracking, regular client contact, and the distribution of various marketing materials including daily emails and product updates.