Distributor Policy

ASCLECARE appoints “distributor” for sale of the products through Distribution point at an approved location in lieu of which the distributor would be entitled for a subsidiary. There can be a change in the % of this subsidy as per the business requirement from time to time. The party of the other part is an existing valid active consultant with ASCLECARE and has achieved minimum accumulated performance bonus level of given % with an approved status of KYC/NEFT & PAN which is a prerequisite to be appointed as “distributor”. Asclecare has agreed to appoint the party of the other part as the “distributor” to distribute its product on terms and conditions set out herein. By default the details of distributor (Name, Code, Telephone and Address) shall be published on Asclecare Website (Shoppe Locator), for any request/change/omission pertaining to display of personal details on website then the respective distributor to be requested to Asclecare in writing with reason.

“Distributor” should keep stock of “Asclecare Products” as mutually agreed. They are also required to cooperate in stock exercise/ audit, done from time to time by Asclecare Executive. He would undergo a periodic Audit varying from Monthly/Quarterly & Annual visits by Asclecare Executive or any appointed third party to ascertain that book stock matches the physical stock, distributor is maintained and operated as per policy/code of ethics and would solely be responsible for any financial implication/penalty arising out of any irregularity. All models of distributor would be required to maintain the minimum self-stock at all times, or to replenish same within a period of 07 days, failure to which would attract alerts from Asclecare and repeated offenders would be suspended.

Distributor’s Executives would also conduct monthly distributor Audits to ascertain the distributor location, Branding, up-keep, Self-Stock, billing and other distributor Operations. The trade stock billed during distributor Opening i.e., Zero BP Stock is considered as the investment stock/money, hence there is no return/exchange of any non-saleable/expired products at distributor. At any point, no product replenishment would be done from WH/MSC with an expiry less than 3 months and all products with expiry of 3 months or more can be sent to distributors in replenished stock.

Business Promotion, Code of Ethics and Business Rules

In terms of the present agreement the “DISTRIBUTOR” reiterates his commitment to work in promoting Asclecare Wellness's business, bran Distributor, products and goodwill. In furtherance of the same the “DISTRIBUTOR” agrees to support and assist Asclecare Wellness in the brand/product promotion exercises undertaken from time to time, through sales promotion exercises/schemes/contests/trade discounts/ and also upon Asclecare Wellness instructions to build and/or maintain a prominent display of all bran Distributor of Asclecare Wellness's products in his premises and in the markets covered by the “DISTRIBUTOR”.

1. DISTRIBUTOR will ensure to maintain the price integrity of all products.

2. DISTRIBUTOR will not create pages, websites, accounts or other online sites to sell Products.

3. DISTRIBUTOR will not offer discounts or promote special promotions which are not being offered by Asclecare Wellness. [Above is not an exhaustive list of rules and are only part of key elements of Code of Ethics that may attract suspension of DISTRIBUTOR in case of any breach.]

4. It is mandatory for DISTRIBUTOR to prominently display in the DISTRIBUTOR location, Code of Ethics and Rules of Business available on Web, which nee Distributor to be availed from Asclecare Wellness at the time of DISTRIBUTOR opening.

5. Retailing or selling Asclecare Wellness products on e-commerce would attract immediate suspension.

Obligations as a DISTRIBUTOR

The “DISTRIBUTOR” shall discharge all statutory obligations cast upon him including those under indirect taxation statutes and shall forthwith, upon request, furnish the returns/proof/declarations forms in respect thereof to Asclecare Wellness, failing which, any consequential liability accruing to Asclecare Wellness, Asclecare Wellness shall be at liberty to adjust appropriate and/or recover the amounts from the “DISTRIBUTOR”.

Secrecy / Confidentiality

1. The “DISTRIBUTOR” undertakes that all information, arising out-off and in the course of this agreement, pertaining to the sale of the products, including formal recor Distributor, summaries and reports, shall be treated as confidential information. The “DISTRIBUTOR” shall use its best endeavor to ensure that the employees who have authorized access to such information shall keep it confidential and in secrecy.

2. The “DISTRIBUTOR” further undertakes that the “DISTRIBUTOR” shall take all reasonable precautions to protect the confidential information and neither the “DISTRIBUTOR” nor his employees who have access to the confidential information shall use, produce, copy, translate, sell, distribute in whole or any part or summation of the confidential information except to the extent necessary for performance of their duties pursuant to this agreement.

3. The “DISTRIBUTOR” or his employees and/or associate claiming under, or through the “DISTRIBUTOR” shall not copy, reproduce, publish, sell and/or distribute in whole or in any part or summation of such Proprietary/Confidential information without prior written permission of Asclecare Wellness.

4. The “DISTRIBUTOR” or his employees and/or associate shall not do any act/acts which are purported to malign image of “Asclecare Wellness” and its products or its directors/officers.

5. The “DISTRIBUTOR” acknowledges that any breach of such condition would injure Asclecare Wellness irreparably and that money damages alone would not sufficiently remedy for such breach. In addition,Asclecare Wellness shall be entitled to its rights of specific performance and injunctive relief under the terms of this Agreement, which relief would be without prejudice to any other rights and remedies available under the law.